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The Next Step in Movement!

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At Mystic we embrace winter. Growing up in Northern Europe you can feel the seasons changing. The winds blow harder, the waves get bigger and the water gets colder. Strong Autumn storms make the ocean a hectic but beautiful landscape. It’s that time where the men separate themselves from the boys, to take control of Mother Nature at her most ferocious.


The new Mystic collection for 2016!

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It is with pure excitement and great enthusiasm that we present to you the new Mystic collection for 2016. The search for improvements continues more than ever before and without exaggerating, we are taking it another step forward to break all existing boundaries.


Welcome to the team Lewis!

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It is with great honour that we announce Lewis Crathern as part of the International Mystic Team. It is no secret that Lewis is one of the most influential people in the kite industry pushing the sport with his positive attitude towards people, brands and the sport itself.


King of the Air from our perspective

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The Red Bull King of the Air in collaboration with Mystic was a blast! Among the field of the world’s best kiteboarders and with some 13.000 spectators looking, Aaron Hadlow (GB) claimed the crown in Cape Town.


It's a wrap!

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The last PWA and AWT event in Maui is completed and thus the overall standings for 2015 are a fact! Mystic team riders Sarah-Quita Offringa, Justyna Sniady and Robby Swift joined the PWA tour; Boujmaa Guilloul was active in the American Windsurfing Tour.


New Fall/Winter collection: 'Warmest Winter Ever'

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It’s that time of the year again, the time that everyone knows is coming but doesn’t want to accept. Days are getting shorter and darker, and the temperature is dropping. Nevertheless you always want to go out on the water and have another epic session. Don’t let the winter stop you. Mystic brings a wetsuit range that will keep you so warm that you wish for even colder conditions. Not only on the water but also on the shore you will stay warm with a new range of jackets and sweats.


First VKWC Freestyle victories!

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Bruna Kajiya and Christophe Tack took home their first wins of this years’ Virgin Kitesurf World Championships! Bruna was riding on top of her game, winning over Karolina Winkowska in the quarters and Gisela Pulido in the final. Tack was really stoked on his riding in the semis and he was eager to do so in the final, but the heat was cancelled due to insufficient wind. It resulted in a joint 1st place with Carlos Mario.


On the podium again!

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The VKWC Freestyle stop in Tarifa is a wrap. Great to see Marc Jacobs back on the podium since his knee injury last year! And congrats to Bruna Kajiya who claimed her third consecutive podium! ‪


Big success in multiple disciplines!

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This past weekend included the Venezuela Kiteboarding World Cup, the AWT Pistol River Wave Bash and the Catalunya PWA World Cup Slalom. The Mystic Team was well represented and the riders gave their best in the different competitions.


1st place at Fise!

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The 2015 Fise wakeboard contest was held on the Lez river down town Montpelier. Some of the best riders in the world came over to make the crowd hyped as they shredded the park. The one who really stood out was Mystic rider Dominik Hernler. His amazing runs on both cables resulted in the event win!


Great season opening Mystic riders!

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New collection out now!

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It is with great pleasure that we introduce our new Mystic collection for the spring/summer season of 2015. New colors, new fabrics, new developments, new styles.. Everything you need to make the summer of 2015 an epic one.


Aaron Hadlow winner of KOTA 2015!

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The King of the Air has been crowned! Aaron Hadlow (GBR) took the title after an exciting fight. He also won the ‘Mystic most extreme move’ for his massive megaloop KGB. Kevin Langeree (NED) took the second place and claimed the ‘biggest air of the day' with 13.5 meters. Our man Jerrie van de Kop (NED) claimed the third position.


Tack World Champion Freestyle!

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The second to last PKRA stop in Pingtan is a wrap and a success for the Mystic Team! Youri Zoon proved to be entirely back after his injury, Christophe Tack fought against Liam Whaley for the World title and the ladies Bruna Kajiya and Annelous Lammerts battled for a podium spot.


Riding in cold never been so warm!

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Mystic’s endless search for perfection in our products have reached a new milestone with wool from the finest New Zealand sheep, fast drying high performance wetsuits and smoking hot new harnesses! The Mystic 2014|2015 collection is more progressive then ever. To make sure that Mystic products can handle the toughest conditions we hand them over to the team riders for some extreme quality testing.


Mystic Team on fire!

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Two big events; the PKRA Freestyle World Cup (kitesurfing) and the PWA Indoor Exhibition Event (windsurfing) took place last weekend. The Mystic riders had to push hard, but they took home some great results!


No guts no glory!

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Lior Sofer and Sanne Meijer are the new world champions in cable wakeboarding! The Mystic riders claimed the titles at the 8th Cable Wakeboard World Championships at Norsjø Cable Park in Norway.


An event with different stories

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Youri Zoon is back in competition after a bad injury. He was quickly eliminated at the singles but fought is way back at the doubles. In the 5th round Youri crashed and had to give up the heat. His comment on the crash: ‘got a little gust on the Sbend 3, over rotated, made a back edge, slammed in the wave and got ripped straight out of my boots’. Youri is recovering fast and will be able to go back on the water soon.


Mystic supports charity project in Kenya

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We, watersport lovers, are always out there on the water and in the sun. For us a matter of course but for the people with albinism, the sun is a great danger in their life. Due to the lack of melanin in their skin most of them will never experience the feeling of a great day at the beach.


Great Success Mystic team at PKRA Fuerteventura

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The Fuerteventura Kiteboarding Grand Slam is one event to look out for the whole year. The variety of conditions prove to be a challenge for the riders every year.


Christophe Tack wins PKRA Egypt!

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After a difficult contest with choppy conditions and high wind speeds the young Mystic rider Christophe Tack won the event.


The Mystic Pro Brazil - Finals day

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The event has come to an end. Conditions were good, atmosphere was good, riders were good, we had a good time! Congratulations to the winners, Fillipe Ferreira in the mens and Mila Ferreira in the womens contest.


The Mystic Pro Brazil

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A recap of day 2, 3 and 4. Friday is the final day of this great event. Check the live webcast and enjoy: www.mysticboarding.com/pro


Mowgli's Jungle - Christophe Tack

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A sequence about Christophe's journey to the top of the PKRA. Enjoy!


The Mystic Pro - Brazil

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The Mystic Pro is a kite wave contest presented by Mystic and the State of Santa Catarina in cooperation with the Brazilian Kitesurf Association.


Ruben Lenten: More than an extreme kiteboarder

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Kiteboarder Ruben Lenten recently laid down a solid set at Red Bull Studios Cape Town


St. Lucia Backstage - The Movie

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While watching our 2014 Spring/Summer collection video, did you question yourself how it would have looked like backstage? Well, we would like to share this unique footage with you.


Marc Jacobs wins PKRA Dakhla, Morocco

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Christophe Tack and Bruna Kajiya end up second.


Christophe Tack wins first PKRA stop

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After a long winter of full on training and commitment, the hard work has paid off for Christophe Tack. Tack secured his first place in the double elimination in choppy on shore conditions in Panama.


Mystic best accessory brand 2013

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WE DID IT AGAIN! MYSTIC BEST ACCESSORIES BRAND 2013. IKSurf mag is one of the leading online magazines in the kite industry. Every year the international magazine organizes the prestigious reader awards.


Wakeboarder of the year: Lior Sofer

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After more than 30.000 votes, Lior Sofer was named wakeboarder of the year 2013! What a great achievement!


7756 Kilometers by kite

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Red Bull Megaloop Challenge

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Christophe Tack wins PKRA Pingtan

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KRS Safety spreader bar - Safety first!


Coconut Bay Resort & Spa

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PWA Returns to Holland, Sarah-Quita wins again

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