Stealth Bar Kite Hook Replacement

Stealth Bar Kite Hook Replacement

09 June 2021

We take the durability and lifespan of our products very seriously, and therefore we are offering a free of charge upgrade replacement steel hook of our SS2020 model 35009.190135 Stealth Bar Kite, delivered in the market from May 2019 until October 2020.

What the issue is: 

Through our continual quality assurance process, we have become aware of a material issue affecting our first version of the Stealth bar with kite hook. We have seen inconsistent steel quality on this steel hook and will do a precautionary upgrade because we cannot guarantee the lifespan of this bar to be up to our standards. We have begun a precautionary replacement programme for all Generation 1 hooks on the market. 

Products affected:

We would like to recommend our customers to update our SS2020 model 35009.190135 Stealth Bar Kite - Generation 1 with a new free of charge Generation 2 replacement hook. Please be assured that no other versions of the Stealth bar are affected; not affected: windsurf / freeride / surf models.


1. Please check the video below: How to recognize Generation 1 and replace your hook with Generation 2?
2. Ask for a free replacement hook Generation 2 at the shop where you acquired the spreaderbar. Please check our dealer locator.
3. Check the manual how to replace your hook.
4. If you don't live close to the shop where you acquired the spreaderbar, you can exchange your Generation 1 hook with any Mystic retailer. Find your nearest retailer here.
5. Replacement is preferred to be done by the store staff.
6. If you need extra assistance, please feel free to email:


The kite sport is becoming more extreme, and we need to anticipate this and protect our customers. Even due to the high level of quality control on our products, technical irregularities can unfortunately not be ruled out 100%. We are extremely sorry that this occurs, and we will do everything to quickly service you with a new part.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local dealer or our service email.

Stay safe and see you on the water!


I only have two screws on my Stealth Bar but in the video I see four. Why is this?
The smallest bar (240mm) only has two screws.

I have Allen screws in my Stealth Bar. Is this correct?
A small batch of the bar has Allen screws, please use an Allen key size 2,5mm (NOT the same as FSC fin key). 

How do I recognize a ‘Generation 1’ Stealth Bar that needs to be replaced?
Please check if you have a ‘load plate’ between the hook, check the video to be sure.

Where can I find my nearest Mystic dealer?
Please check our dealer locator

Can I replace the 'Generation 1' Stealth Bar myself for a 'Generation 2'?
Replacement is preferred to be done by the store staff. If you want to replace it yourself please make sure to check the full Stealth Bar Replacement video, especially step 5: 'How to tighten the screws'.

Which screwdriver/tools do I need to use?
You will need a Torx20 screwdriver. A small number of bars have Allen screws, this is s size 2,5mm (NOT the same as FSC fin key).

I don't live close to a Mystic dealer, what should I do now?
Please check if the shop where you acquired the Stealth Bar can send you a new hook. Otherwise please contact your nearest shop which can be found in our dealer locator

How do I know which size Stealth Bar I have?  
Measure the composite part of the bar.
If your bar size is 240 mm, you will need a 240mm replacement hook.
If your bar is 280 mm, you will need a 280mm replacement hook.
If your bar is 320 mm, you will need a 320mm replacement hook.

What has changed/improved in the ‘Generation 2’ Stealth Bar compared to the ‘Generation 1’?
The steel quality of the Generation 1 hook is inconsistent. The steel quality of the Generation 2 hook is up to quality standards. Next to that, we have reinforced the bar with a load plate, making it even stronger.  

How is the Stealth Bar tested for safety and strength?
The Stealth Bar is tested in a high-tech testing facility of Future Fibers, part of the North Technology Group. We use the industry standard pull test for the hook, our bars meet the same specifications as the ISO standard for control bars and lines (360 kg), the complete Stealth Bar (composite) can even handle 1000 kg at the pull test. Next to this we’ve developed an additional test. The Fatigue test measures the endurance of the hook, this is simulated by doing over 250.000 pulls with different weights (rider weights) For more information check out the Tech Talk video about the Stealth Bar.

Is there also a problem with other spreader bars too?
No, this issue only affects the Stealth Bar Generation 1.

Do I have to bring my original receipt to the store to replace the hook?
No, you only have to bring your Stealth Bar to the shop.



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