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It is with great honour that we announce Lewis Crathern as part of the International Mystic Team. It is no secret that Lewis is one of the most influential people in the kite industry pushing the sport with his positive attitude towards people, brands and the sport itself.

Last January during Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town Lewis had some bad luck. He crashed hard from a megaloop attempt. After being in a induced coma en hospitalized for a few weeks, Lewis is now back on there water. Even though this was a terrible and horrifying experience, we are ecstatic to see him back on the water and this only proves how far he is willing to push himself.

Lewis has been a great friend of the brand for years and it is amazing to officially welcome him to the International team.

Mystic Brand Director Max Blom about the partnership: “Lewis has been no stranger for the brand. We know each other for a long time and I am proud to add Lewis to the Mystic team. His commitment and contribution to the sport of kiteboarding has been huge over the last years. A true ambassador on and off the water. Next to that Lewis will bring a lot of technical knowledge and ideas on the table for our R&D team”

Little Q&A with Lewis:

With all the impact you are making in the kite industry right now, obviously it would have been possible to join many different teams, why was Mystic the one for you?
I have been using the harnesses and travel bags for quite some time now so it made complete sense to join the international team and take advantage of the full range. Confidence in my gear is important when I’m 20 meters up in the air and I have built that up already over time. Mystic has a major dedication to Kiteboarding, it’s common to see the brand support events like the Kitesurfing Armada and the King Of the Air. Mystics brand story is about enabling the athlete to ride in more extreme conditions, harder, faster and push the sport higher.

How do you plan to fit in with this, any more big air attempts planned for this year?
I have had plans for quite some years on what next I can achieve as It’s been a while since I’ve performed a big feat. This time it has to be less obvious then just a ‘big jump’ but I’m sure which ever plan I chose is going to received well. For now I keep an eye on Windguru to see when the opportunity will arise!

You have seen the 2016 range from Mystic and now of course you have your pick, so what's on the wish list?
All the clothing range looks incredible + The Legend harness. The Elevate Board Bag and Ammo Twin Box look like essentials for me.

How do you feel about the partnership with Mystic?
I feel great. Mystic compliments my other sponsors perfectly, I look forwards to where this relationship will take me.

Again, we are very happy to have Lewis on our team and wish him lots of luck and a speedy (but not too speedy) recovery!

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