Breaking boundaries requires stepping beyond your comfort zone. No one ever got anywhere by just cruising. In order to see your full potential, you need to go that bit further. To achieve it, you have to stretch your mind, body and soul in ways you could have never imagined. Nobody said it would be easy, but it’s the only way you can do it. Don’t be afraid of challenges you’ll be facing or the changes you’ll inevitably have to make on the way. There will be blood, sweat and tears, but when it all comes together and your dream becomes a reality… that is what they call success.

Bruna Kajiya

Bruna Kajiya is hell bent on making the unbelievable, believable. Once upon a time there was a glass ceiling to what she thought was possible. Two years ago, she became the first female rider ever in the history of the sport to land a Double Handle-Pass. What’s her secret? Make your mind up and have faith that it’s really going to happen.


Stand Up Paddler Casper Steifath is on a personal mission. What he doesn’t realise is that almost without knowing, he is impacting the bigger picture in unimaginable ways. His journey to success was one troubled by a phobia of water. Rather than being held back by this, he hit it head on and overcame it. Now, nothing stands in the way of ‘The Viking,’ just how far will he go?


Ruben Lenten is a kiteboarding legend all too familiar with the realities of what it takes to be at the top. Inventor of the Mega Loop, his dreams are bigger than his fears and actions louder than his words. He’s a fighter, a survivor and a pioneer with his foot on the gas chasing his next life goal.

Boujmaa Guilloul knows that how you see something is the difference between pulling it off, or getting shut down. Sometimes when you’re going so big there is no real way to break the learning process up. You have to believe. You have to listen to yourself, block out the distractions, pick your moment and commit 100%.

Be brave, be bold, break boundaries.