My name is Camille Bouyer, 1 time windsurf World Champion U13, 1 time windsurf French Champion and Vice-European SUP surf Champion Junior. 

I AM Camille Bouyer

What is the reason you committed your life to windsurfing and SUP?
My uncle is Antoine Albeau, 22 times windsurf world champion and also a great waterman riding all the waves until the biggest like Peahi (Jaws) and Belhara. My parents have a surfshop, my sister and my brother practice watersports too. So watersports and all about the ocean are in the family.
What is your biggest achievement in your sport?
My biggest achievements were my first world title, my vice-European title and my first French title!

"SUP surf will become more and more radical."

What are you doing to push yourself everyday? 
To push myself everyday I check the sea that motivates me!!
What is your vision on what direction the sport should go? 
SUP surf will become more and more radical and windsurf should stay to the Olympic Games that is very good (and that stay a goal in my head).