My name is Casper Steinfath. Some people call me the “Viking”. I grew up in the cold waters of Scandinavia where I became deeply obsessed with the raw power of the ocean and the wild outdoor elements. I am a professional Stand Up Paddle Surfer and Racer.

I AM Casper Steinfath

What is the reason you committed your life to SUP?
I really didn’t have a choice ;) My dad had me surfing at a very young age and became completely obsessed with the raw power of the ocean elements. I enjoyed playing in the waves on all kinds of boards, but SUP became my favorite because it allowed me to always be on the water no matter how wild or calm the conditions were.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport?
For me every good day on the water is an achievement I am happy with! But my biggest achievement is definitely winning my 3 SUP Racing World Championships. It is not the gold medals themselves that are special, but each one reminds me of the passion required to reach and perform at the top level of the sport.

I live for pushing myself to my limits competition but also outside the competition arena, where Mother Nature provides the ultimate challenge.

What are you doing to push yourself every day?
For me it really just comes down to having a bunch of fun on the water. That is how it all started for me and what keeps me going. I try to play around even during my hard training sessions and no matter how gnarly the conditions are I always leave the water with a smile on my lips :)

What is your vision on what direction the sport should go?
For me SUP is such a special sport that has given me a ticket to explore the waters all around the world. I am thankful for this! SUP has introduced me to many of my best friends and I wish to share my passion with as many people around the globe. Being on the water brings forth a mystical feeling and does something to the mind and body. It keeps us young and smiling :)