My name is Jalou Langeree, I'm a professional kitesurfer. 

I AM Jalou Langeree

What is the reason you committed your life to kiteboarding? 
I grew up with it. Having an older brother that was totally psyched on the sport I got sooo curious and excited that I had to learn. It turned out to be the first sport that I really enjoyed doing. Being in the water made me feel so happy, free and alive. The adrenaline while kiting big waves in stormy weather gave me goose bumps in a good way. So I continued doing what I love. Never thought the sport will take me where I’m now. It's been an amazing journey so far and I'm sure it will continue for a couple more years. 
What is your biggest achievement in your sport? 
After ten years in the sport, competing in freestyle events on the PKRA I just totally lost my passion for kiteboarding and I felt lost. Like every winter I went back to Cape Town to train for the upcoming season, but what was I training for? Freestyle? NO! I was ready for a change and had to find back my love for the sport and I needed a goal. I decided to commit to kitesurfing for a full year before allowing myself to compete. I was just so tired of being next to the podium and not really keeping up with the level. The main reason was a lack of motivation. So 2012 had to be my year. I travelled all over the world competed in all the KSP tour stops and gave it my very best. All hard work, tears, blood and sweat paid off. That was me standing there in Maui on top of the podium getting crowded '2012 WORLDCHAMP'.  Setting a goal a year in advance and actually making it, is pretty AWESOME. It’s my mission to make kitesurfing more easily accessible for women; it’s an extreme sport and is mostly men. This is not a bad thing, but it might scare women away. I’m a supporter for more women on the water and in extreme sports in general.

"The adrenaline while kiting big waves in stormy weather gives me goose bumps in a good way."

What are you doing to push yourself everyday?
Only looking at a good forecast already motivates me. I don't need much;) Riding with friends can be very important to keep seeing the joy of the sport. I do all kinds of sports and I want to keep challenging myself which works very motivating for me. The most important thing for motivation is a lot of sleep and good healthy food!
What is your vision on what direction the sport should go? 
I just really hope the competition side of kitesurfing will get a chance to grow out to something massive. A proper 5 stop World Tour with world-class waves, big crowds, price money and media.