Julian Boyer was born to ride. He’s an impressive waterman and an industry name in the making. Whether on a SUP, Foil or Windsurfer his natural flair and personal style is effortless and exciting to watch.



As the nephew of 22 times windsurf World Champion, Antoine Albeau, and son of surf shop owners on the ocean-bound Isle de Rey, France, his skills for multiple watersports were seeded early. Adding to his enthusiasm was his brother, Camille, who also shared the same vision as him. As two times Windsurf World Champion, Rookie of the year on the SUP World Tour 2014 and two times Vice European Champion of SUP we’re stoked to have Julian on the team.

Julian lives and breaths the ocean, as well as the sports that he loves so much. Bringing multiple skills and riding knowledge to the table we look forward to creating products that allow him to jump from one board to another.


Majestic 4/3

Zipfree wetsuit

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Long john neoprene 1.5mm

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Quickdry longsleeve

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Brand Stretch


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