My name is Niccolo Porcella, professional kiteboarder and adrenaline seeking stuntman. I'm born in Maui, but raised in Sardinia, Italy.


I AM Niccolo Porcella

What is the reason you committed your life to kiteboarding?
The reason I committed my life to kitesurfing is simply that I fell in love with it the moment I tried it for the first time. No other sport has the freedom and diversity as kiting has. I love the combination of the elements water and air. Kiting contains so many of the fun sports I enjoy so much to do, skateboarding, surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics, the feeling of flight..not to mention all the beautiful places around the world to throw a kite in the air! Because of these things I felt a strong purpose at a young age to push kitesurfing and dedicate my life to its lifestyle. And because of my background in these other sports I've been able to really play with kitesurfing, always being able to create new moves or go a step deeper, bigger, fothing more motivating and thrilling to me than that.

What is your biggest achievement in your sport? 
I beleive my biggest achievement in kitesurfing has been truly helping the sport grow. I started kiting when I was 12 and have been pushing the wakeboard and surf strapless style since then. With my acrobatic background I've been able to create new moves with a new style, as well as showing what is possible on big waves. In 2012 I rode the biggest wave in the most critical section at Peahi Jaws. Since then it has opened the door to what is achievable on a kite in Big Waves.

"We can achieve anything if we have belief."

What are you doing to push yourself everyday? 
What I do everyday to push myself is train like a gladiator every day no excuses. To be able to tweak my body in the positions that really makes me stand out as an athlete I have to be consistently flexible and strong. Its also extremely dangerous to charge jaws, choppo or any critical wave without some serious mental training. Knowing without a doubt that you can hold your breathe for minutes takes a lot of practice. It's either in the gym, martial arts on the beach, or stagnic breathe holding in a pool, here I train and push my limits every day so I can preform at my peak at all times. It's amazing what the body can do. we are limitless if we push ourselves and train not just our bodies but also our minds. My favorite quote is "We can achieve anything if we have belief".

What is your vision on what direction the sport should go? 
The beauty of kiting is the diversity that it has. So my vision on the direction the sport should go is bigger, deeper and more technical and this is happening every day. The wakeboard side is being pushed constantly with new tweaky tricks and huge airs. Soon we will be able to boast over anything and all the cable wake moves will be done on a kite. As for surfing style it's about deeper and longer barrels and deeper and steeper drops. Nowadays a lot of guys are starting foiling. With a kite we are the fastest out of the water without a motor. if kiting adds this new foil board our limit is endless. I can see this morphing into strapless kite foiling and then of course from there it can get more technical with tricks and deeper and bigger waves and barrels. Haha it's crazy to even think about!