My name is Robby Swift, born in Maidstone UK. Living between Maui and Matanzas, Chile. Britain’s most successful professional windsurfer in the wave discipline.

I AM Robby Swift

What is the reason you committed your life to windsurfing? 
It’s the thing I go to sleep and wake up thinking about. Even after 15 years of being a pro windsurfer, I can’t get enough of it. I spend my days thinking about how to get better at every part of the sport, develop better gear, jump higher and with better style. My lifelong ambition is to be PWA World Champion in waves so that’s a pretty good motivator! 
What is your biggest achievement in your sport?
Being the first British person to surf Jaws and windsurf Jaws in one day, winning the PWA Freestyle World Cup in Fuerteventura in 2003. Coming 3rd in PWA Freestyle overall in 2003, 3rd in Super Cross overall in 2004, 3rd in Waves overall in 2005 and 2009.

"It’s the thing I go to sleep and wake up thinking about."

What are you doing to push yourself everyday?
Eating well, sleeping well, living, breathing and dreaming about surfing and windsurfing. 
What is your vision on what direction the sport should go?
Just the way it is going in terms of performance and technical evolution. The pro riders are so dedicated and fired up to improve that we are pushing the limits every day. The brands are committed to developing great equipment and that makes progressive windsurfing easier. I just wish the corporate side of Professional Windsurfing would catch up to surfing/BMX/skateboarding etc. so that the sport could be diffused to a wider audience. It is so amazing to watch windsurfing filmed well from big waves to big jumps, high speed slalom races and radical freestyle moves that I personally believe it should be a much better known sport.