My name is Ruben Lenten and I was born on the 30th of March 1988 in a small beach town called Noordwijk in the Netherlands. I am addicted to the feeling of freedom and adventure, I love exploring the world and setting myself new challenges.

I AM Ruben Lenten

What is the reason you committed your life to kiteboarding? 
The main reason why I am addicted to kiteboarding is because I can let go all of my feelings and energy in it. From a young age onwards I was amazed by the power and dynamics of this sport and I kept grasping for more. After a while I realized I had some talent for this and started developing my skills further and further and eventually created a brand out of my name. Now I’m mostly committed to pushing the limits and sharing my passion with the world in various ways. 
What is your biggest achievement in your sport? 
For me the most awesome achievement is to see the sport and my career grow and making people happy with this awesome addiction. It really does a lot of good to people and also to whole communities and places. I feel very fortunate to be able to inspire people and especially kids to live a healthy and active life and do what feels good to them. Another achievement that I am very proud of is that I keep enjoying the sport more and more and am eager to push and learn everyday for myself. 

"From a young age onwards I was amazed by the power and dynamics of this sport and I kept grasping for more."

What are you doing to push yourself everyday? 
I think having a clear vision that comes from the inside out and going after that makes me grasp and push for more. My vision is big and therefore everything needs to be in place in order to achieve that… so I eat healthy, do yoga and meditate, develop gear, create content and make sure my body is fit to stay on top of my game and just be myself!
What is your vision on what direction the sport should go? 
The sport is very broad and people take it in all kind of directions, which is great as there’s something for everyone’s liking. I have got a vision for the sport in general, like a said, it does a lot of good to people and places. So it’s very important to spread the right information and vibe about the sport into the world. The whole lifestyle that comes with it is lifechanging to a lot of people and they feel way more expressed and themselves than before kiteboarding. So sharing our sport is very important in my eyes. And of course I’ve got my vision for extreme kiteboarding that I push through events, developing products, extreme performances and creating content… where that will go, you will see!! :-D