Mystic Boarding

Is he regular or is he goofy? Nobody truly knows, but legends say he’s both. Timo landed the trick of the year in 2018 and received a bunch of other huge accolades that same year.

Vice World champion, Red Bull Wake 2EL champion, Wake to Paradise Champion; Timo isn’t a stranger to competitions. In his own words all thanks to growing up with two older sisters and a natural inclination to sports.

Timo has been wakeboarding for close to 13 years now. When he started out at the age of 10 he quickly caught the bug and, within the first week, bought his first board on Ebay. He grew up in a small village called Bad Leonfelden (northern part of Upper Austria) with the local park about 40km away. And guess what, he rode his by bike there almost every day. Talk about some serious dedication!


Timo Kapl

And it shows. Timo has been kicking it with a good crew since his 15th, having him progress more than he could have bargained for. Going big, stomping tricks, hitting kickers. As long as it’s either creative or technical you can count Timo in. And one place where he gets that fix is in the streets. That’s right. Winching in the streets.