South Africa

Mystic Boarding

If there’s gnarly action going down, chances are that Graham Howes is leading the charge. Immersing himself in boundary breaking scenarios, he inspires feats of the daring and the determined. He might not be a household name, but the Founder of Dirty Habits was born braver than the rest of us and has an edge of creativity allowing us to share his experiences and the board culture of Dirty Habits. 

Originally from Johannesburg, Graham is ‘Mr. Cape Town’ of the action sports world. Surrounded by some seriously special people, his home spot and endless summer vibes is now an international hub. Kicking it since the beginning with lifelong friends and Mystic teammates, Nick Jacobsen, Ruben Lenten and Jesse Richman to name a few, the worldwide extended family and culture he represents is unrivalled. 


Graham Howes