bags-more technical-accessories KRS  Safety spreaderbar
bags-more technical-accessories KRS  Safety spreaderbar


Safety spreaderbar


The kite release system should become the standard for kitesurfing safety. This release system is always within reach on the left hand side of your harness, a location that you will always find. A pull on the handle will release the hook from your spreaderbar and you will be released form your kite. With a simple handling (3 clicks) you can reset the hook and continue your kite session.


- Multi hook
- Covered with foam at the inside
- Integrated knife pocket
- Spreaderdown loop


- Stainless steel




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Step 1

KRS safety spreader setup to ride. Able to hook or unhook.
Step 2

KRS safety spreader locked in mouse trap position by pulling the safety puller in step 1. Safety hook is secured to chicken loop to avoid loosing it.
Step 3

Safety hook released by full opening the pulling hook. Kite will drop and stay connected to your safety leash.
Step 4

KRS safety spreader in released position. Able to re-connected the safety hook in the water. Simple click it in and put the puller back in position (step 1).

At Mystic we feel it is important to know everything about your product. Therefore we created this video to show you how our brand new safety system, the KRS, works. This to ensure you are able to enjoy this product for a long time and get the best out of your time on the water. Enjoy, Mystic


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